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As some may know, years ago around 2003, I began a list of Movies to See Before I Die, because when I would go to rent movies my mind would blank out, and I would forget all the important ones I'd been recommended and meaning to catch up to watch, and end up going home with Hitch or some shit.

Since I started the list has only grown with suggestions and by new curiosities.
Around this time each year I groom it;

The Original: ) & In Addition: )

Feel free to add on or discuss or build upon your own list. I try to rate what I see and give a quick twittery review. Some things I hate that everyone loves. Some things have no desire to ever see (Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Beverly Hills Chihuahua). But I always welcome suggestions.
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Updated my list of Movies to See Before I Die ) Complete with mini-reviews. I'm almost done. Suggestions welcome, especially for more comedy but No Spaceball-ass type crap! Hep me get right with Jesus.

Working for a company specializing in digital electronics, during meetings we talk about power alot.
We talk about not enough power, too much power, harnessing the power, re-circulating the power, tripping up the power, lowering & increasing the power & I don't know why we don't just say magic because then meetings would be more interesting to me.
Or unicorns, as in There were too many unicorns in capacitor R12 so it blew the board. We also talk alot about "ohms & heat," terms I feel should be replaced with "dolphins & skittles."

Ex: We had to add a 2nd layer to the board to distribute the magic unicorns because, with only a 22 dolphin resistor, there are just too many skittles.
See? It would help me listen better.

I don't understand why I'm not president, because a world where I am not president is a world I DON'T BELONG IN.

Cut 6 inches off my security blanket. I always wait too long to have my hair trimmed, so that the stylist scolds me the entire time, which in turn deters me from wanting to come back soon. So my hair is puffy now & very My Little Pony. If I drew some apples on my ass you would lose me in the herd.

Sadly, I lose my keys constantly, & no matter what advice I take. I have problems keeping inanimate objects affixed to my person, wallets, credit cards, driver's licenses, receipts, keys are like appendages or removable skin tags. My girl now seeks out my keys & has put a hook in the wall where she hangs them for me. She came up with this herself & has also taken to writing me saccharine letters. She puts them in my roller skates, pushes them to me, then runs to hide & watch me read them from some secret place.
It is like having her gave me permission to love myself. Even my flaws are paraphrased to me so that I may reconsider & improve. I made love & she walks. She has jelly on her chin. She sings loudly in my bathroom, making moves to her reflection.
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Movies to See Before I Die (Rev4) )


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