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aaron is good at everything

commons ford (8)
Commons Ford is a strange place with varied landscapes, cedar forests with trails gnarly as the branches...

ground beetle
we found him on his back waving his arms all around like a televangelist

baby falls
waterfalls that zigzag over limestone canopies into wade pools

zig zag

stop and go


commons ford
wide open fields of brush

commons ford (5)

yes (4)

yes (8)
more from lost pines...

yes (10)

yes (12)

yes (19)
and Enchanted Rock is "a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome, that rises
425 feet above ground, 1825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres."

yes (20)

yes (21)

yes (23)
all kinds of weird things grow in the crevices between the great stones

yes (24)

yes (27)
we took the Echo Canyon trail because it was so wet and foggy that climbing the summit was too dangerous

yes (30)

yes (32)
One of the largest batholiths (underground rock formation uncovered by erosion)
in the United States.

yes (34)
Tonkawa Indians believed ghost fires flickered at the top, and they heard weird
creaking and groaning, which geologists now say resulted from the rock's heating by day
and contracting in the cool night....

yes (33)
A conquistador captured by the Tonkawa described how he escaped by losing himself in the rock
area, giving rise to an Indian legend of a "pale man swallowed by a rock and reborn as one of
their own." The Indians believed he wove enchantments on the area, but he explained that the rock
wove the spells. "When I was swallowed by the rock, I joined the many spirits who enchant this
place." The first well-documented explorations of this area did not begin until 1723 when the
Spanish intensified their efforts to colonize Texas.

yes (36)

yes (37)

yes (29)

vacation conversations:
self-improvement, slowing down, reasons not to try, society's demise, media manipulation, cannibalism phobias w food, how as we grow up we slowly lose our senses of imagination, the story of Job, how the careless or cruel treatment of our exes is not an indication of our competence or worth, government drug testing on soldiers, WWII, Hiroshima, Harryrodeo, types of pickles, types of soul patches, strength, how i am strong in tribulation but weak of self-esteem, how one can be feeble in spirit but tenacious in intellect, familiar with theory though unqualified in practice, fragile of mind, able of heart.

clumsy, some of us unconscious professors. each of us has so much to teach the other.
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