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[Greek] hippos-Horse kampos-Sea Monster

Sea Horse & Memory Reservoir

The Hippocampus is part of the Limbic System. It forms memories, conjures emotions (which are the medium of memory), & hones spacial skills for navigation. During sleep it compresses new memories by order of importance into permanent memory & transfers them to the Neopallium...or the archives. Evolutionarily the Hippocampus is one of the oldest parts of the mammalian brain & most pronounced in primates & cetecean sea mammals. Its name was given in reference to its resemblance to a seahorse, & all that that entails. I haven't figured out yet what the connection is supposed to mean, but this is to say I'm fascinated.

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Every time I confess the slightest hardship to my mother her response is that I should just come home. My job is taxing, well there are such nice jobs here. My car is lurching, well I know a good mechanic here. My heart aches, well it wouldn't at home. I broke my nail to the quick, well it's because you've run away.
She harbors much disdain for how I've estranged myself. She wonders how I had the nerve, why I insisted, what was really so bad, & takes it personally that I left a place I couldn't flourish in, that my roots rot there, I wilt.
Speaking to my best girl among the few I cared for back there, I find she's been talking to mama & become infected with the pleading; "You have to come back now, because they've poured the slab for my house, and remember the song we used to sing together, that part 'when you build your house, then call me home?' well..." I should remember to keep my voice more cheerful...evade strategy.

It occurs to me today that I've yet to find a place I'm truly comfortable in calling home & that quite possibly, I sometimes lament to my mother to simply hear someone say come home, as if to convince myself by repetition that I have/had one.


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