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Handsome & I have an agreement. He mewls & I give him food. No touching. No licking. No imprinting. We keep it professional.
Letters were distributed a couple weeks ago noting the nuisance of stray cats roving about the complex & warning us not to feed them. Right. Like I can ignore this dude. Shortly thereafter, animal control came out to round them up. Handsome disappeared. We assumed the five0 gottim, though were certain he'd charmed his way into someone's arms eventually. A week later he sauntered out of the shrubbery gloating, stretching after having laid low for days. One of the only tomcats left. & now the whole neighborhood knows we had a thing because he sleeps in front of my door. I have to air kick at him to keep him from walking in when I get home. When I do this he cocks his head to the side as if because I've lost my mind.

6 ze monsta

Gave my atlas girl a sea monstah who still needs eyes, & perhaps a scalloped spine & I may turn her grey. Also, I'm thinking of leaving the drippings at the shoulders & the hand unpainted. Why the fuck not.

Teaching my daughter scales, it is a challenge to keep from wanting to steer her talents, seeing them w/ a certain hindsight. I'm excited to imagine us harmonizing in the kitchen 5 years from now. Another bird to play with! My son can carry a note as well, if only he weren't so shy @ the moment.

There has been aminal planet on cable, marveling evolution, reading about Houdini, fetishizing Escapology. Double jointed, escapists regurgitated keys, could unlock handcuffs by applying strategic pressure like 5 point palm heart explosion techniques. Unhinging sockets, dislocating shoulders to escape, manipulating mirror, smoke. They expanded the lungs while tied, stretching canvas to afford wiggle room in a straitjacket.
Pondering the Art of Disappearing leads me to wonder exactly howmany kinds of freedom there are to be had, to weigh them against one another by quality & quantity in relation to myself.
& I think of the great circus elephants staked to the ground, ensnared by their own beliefs...


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