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Everyone, meet my new lover )
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No, no Maria I’m not in a relationship, because, well because
I think men feel uncomfortable around ladies who are funnier, smarter, cuter, hotter, crazier, more fashionable, nicer-assed, more fascinating, tougher, buxomer, sparklier, better liquid eyeliners, rufflier, getting more orgasms, tinier, longer-haired, bigger-boobed, fuller-lipped, better read, faster runners, higher jumpers, badder assers, awesomer slam-dunkers, more un-untie-able knot tiers, more agile wrestlers, sexier dancers, beautifuller singers, better at french braids, softer-mouthed, finer-boddied, gracefuller, nimbler gymnasts, more intelligent scientists, wittier, more clued-up about music, cleaner, experter, more experienced in checkers, more certified to operate spaceships, shinier-fingernailed, butt-punchinger, hotter lovers, articulater, prettier-eyed, intenser prayers, not as dumb or hairy as, better dressed, handier, more aromatic, better founders of organizations, smoother-skinned, craftier, generally more amazing & more skilled in all forms of martial art
than they are.
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I personally can’t wait to see King Kong.

As a child, seeing the old black & white version I recall it as overwhelming & formidable, seeing that in my tiny lifespan I’d felt more simultaneous emotions than I’d ever til that day.

Infants begin with two; hunger, and, well….basically, they are aware of physical discomfort and content, a bi-polar range of emotions with a barren divide, & as the weeks pass neurons connect, synapses receive transmission (much like livewires unify cities) & new senses are activated; humor, embarrassment, anger.... so on so forth. It would be interesting to try to list them in order of appearance.
I believe I was about 6 years old & remember the wrath of King Kong as he terrorized the city, sympathy for the horrified Fay Wray, a sense of triumph or supremacy as she beguiled and eased him, sorrow, the shame of how he secretly repulsed me however innocent, and generally, inevitably a landslide of intoxicating mixed-emotions.
I wonder if the same succession of the senses will occur again as I imagine myself cowering in the palm of an angry beast’s hand.
What is it about the blithe damsel and taming her angry tyrant? Reigning in such brute power. Rose Red & the Bear Prince, Mina & Vlad, Frankenstein’s monster & the flower girl, Miette & One, Pygmalion & Galatea, Cupid & Psyche, who else? Oh you know what fuck this entry.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in this world, it’s to start life off right by dating a big hairy jerk.

Pass it on!


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