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most of what i say here would get me a puzzled look, a disdainful smirk in my everyday life
& many times i've admonished myself for not keeping tighter reign on my tongue. wanted to
say thank you for the occasional "me toos" around here. it's nice to know people like you
all r' out there, especially on the days i'm feeling like i brought a knife to a gun fight.

along our sunday walk. the sense of sight rocks.

 wearable instant happiness. 

i was lookin' through some chanced upon high-traffic poetry communities for strangers to invite to [ profile] lexicaledifice & was truly disappointed at how parched the lj-poetry world is outside of a select few places i'm already familiar with. verily repugnant shit pours out of 100s of communities touted poetry. what poetry (if'n it's your bag) communities around lj do you enjoy reading? shot in the dark i know.
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I am proud of this photograph, but that doesn't mean I am sporty.

Training this punk to fill in for me I told him I'd painted in response to the obligatory 'how did you spend your weekend' & while explaining my tryptych his eyes rounded into saucers.
"I knew you were weird but, I didn't think you were like...that."
"It's called deeeeeeep Michael. Your kind call me deep."
"Yeah, I'll pray for you."
"You know Micheal when you told me a few months ago that you just 'didn't care for music all that much & had never bought a CD?' Well I've been praying for you ever since, my own kind of prayers."
I could've fit my whole fist into his gaping maw. Home now I'm sneezing his Hail Maries my pockets full of grace.

~ ~~~~ ~~~

A half day off work with the male of my offspring, we held hands. He, lost in his perpetual cloud of wild curls & I in my chunky black sandals, chopstuck n' upswept. I thought of being 40 one day & my butt turning square as he told me of the latest level he'd arrived @ in Kingdom Hearts, of being awarded a gleaming skeleton key to lock away monsters made of shadows.
That's simply all they are to him, monsters made of shadows, & the key nothing more than a carved bit of metal.
Ah, life before metaphor & simile when witches weren't mothers in-law, skeletons were only hidden beneath the skin, beasts weren't character flaws.

~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~

We walked on the sunny side of the street to Waterloo to get my Cat Power & oh yes. It is all I wished it to be. Chan looks good in whatever she decides to wear, even Al Green's old band. Hear here track 1. Can you make out the strands of Moon River in the violin?
Of course I tore and wept a little in the afternoon traffic, but not so much I couldn't say was because the sun had seared my eyes.
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3 bare feet for lx6
daughter myself n' son.

& 4 to go. )

This was kind of hard to do, as feet are sometimes
a shy body part, like knees, or underarms. I've
even heard somewhere that you can judge a person's
self confidence by asking him to stick out his tongue.
If he refuses, or asks why first, or proudly obeys
it can tell alot about his character, if he has trust
issues, is insecure or comfortable in his body.
I guess it's the equivalent of asking a stray cat
to roll on his back & offer you his belly. Tessering,
I'll venture to ask a psychological trick question
asked of me a few years back for fun's sake;
If you had the choice of two superpowers 1 being
invisible or 2 the ability to fly, which would you
choose? & What would you do with your new power?
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I made a list of my most continuously played songs of '05 & thought I'd make a virtual mixed Cd of where, & how to enjoy them, not that anyone would give a dump. Click the numbers to download. I haven't tried them from here we'll see. )

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oh n, lowlight, mysterious, not smoking...6 to go.
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Mama n' Gramma finally arrived @ 2 am yesterday morning. It's been almost 2 years.
So far I've been made bluntly aware that I'm much fatter since they last saw me, my
hair is outdated & too long, I have cowlicks in my bangs, I shouldn't drink beer
as it fattens my cells, I'm not as smart as I used to be, the dress I made looks
tacky, I must be eating something weird in my diet because my breasts are bigger
than my sister's, my urine is too yellow, & my art is odd. Naturally, I declined
to accompany them to Saturday mass, opting to scale the streets & photograph
homeless fraggles as they knelt to valiantly pray for my wayward soul.

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A scavenger for wretchmuffin.

one down, 7 to go )
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I know I'm posting alot of pictures lately, but I'm not writing poetry so, it's got to come out somehow.
I went to the cemetary today to see how the angels fair.
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did you come here to play jesus? )
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