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Therez this abandoned church a few blocks from my apt that the land owner allows local graffiti artists to have at as long as they don't paint on the front, which faces the main street. I see them every afternoon on my way home behind the building working away on some chubby loveseat font, or spiky toontown dream scene & I think, I wanna to do that too, but I get the feeling they would just sneer or spray me in the eyes & stomp on my toes as it's their turf & they ain't got time to teach no dumb girl. Once I asked if I could photograph them & they shrugged & nodded. Waaaaah! I want to be friends with the graffiti kids but it is like they are Goonies & I am Sloth. I noticed one night a light on in the tower of the church, & sheets hung over the window & they are squatting in there I'm sure of it! Having fun parties, dance-offs, telling graffiti secrets & it sticks in my craw. There is a No Trespassing sign on the front door. How does one get into a Secret Graffiti Society? Bringing cookies is too sissy, as well as a Dear Graffiti Kids letter. They will think I'm a narc. I thought of maybe buying some paint & strutting up to the place gangbuster style all yeah check out my Krylon red doooood. First, I think I need a cool & intimidating nickname like 1-Coat Wonder, or SemiGloss the Kid to command their respect.

<--- insomnia does this 2 me.
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not that i've done this since i was 16, but incase you were wondering )
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Did about a million crunches last night over my yoga ball while watching Dirty Dancing n I don’t care what they say man that love scene in the cabin to Solomon Burke's lamenting moans yyyowza. But none for me thaaanks, the bitter wind of age raw on the back of my wrinkled neck, no more aerial gymnastics, dirty dancing, figure skating motherfuckers lifting me o’er their heads in a lake thank you cuz it’s Kevin Spacey Time air-punching in the garage n crying on my weight bench tiiiiime. Go on save yourselves.

I should superglue the back of my hand to my forehead so that I may always look the way I feel.

Anyway here is an mspaint interpretation of my left ovary @ around 3am today.
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1. Stop re-naming yr userinfo/calendar/previous entries after some obscureinsidejokeshit like loop/backwash/flavor. I'm TRYING to look at yr profile, but I have to click on Zip, Chickaboom, & MiniatureSecretCamera to get to it. It's like the ducks in the kiddiepool booth @ the fair trying to find yr bio.

2. Image hosting by Photobucket

3. To the tune of Gloria Gaynor;
When you added my journal I was petrified
intimidated by your name touted so far & wide
& I spent so many nights wonderin' why you're withdrawn, comments foregone
I managed somehow to rock on
But now yr back!
from myspace!
I just looked in to see your comments scattered all over my friends' page
I should've made a cuter post &
added my muffin recipe
if I'd've known for just one second you'd get more comments than me
go on now GO!
Walk out the door
Don't turn around now
Yr nothin' but a skank camwhore
Weren't you the one who tried
to give me the stink eye
Did you think I'd defriend you
Did you think I'd pretend to be so shy
oh no not I
I will reply!
for as long as you will comment
I have bitchfests to supply
I've got all my love to give
I've got memories to relive &
films to decry
I will reply
hey HEY

4. When I say it it's dumb & odd as a shoehorn for a tongue but when s/he says the same thing everyone creams their jeans.

5. LJ Mythology
 I. Image hosting by Photobucket  

         II. Image hosting by Photobucket


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