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cattle call

Isn't it tragic when arguing with some Lord of Douche becomes so exhausting and repugnant that you default, letting them walk away smugly thinking they won with their wiles and wit when in reality it was just that they were more stubborn and tiresome than you? I will call it the douche-ray. I was arguing with Captain A-hole but then he brought out his douche-ray. It zapped all my energy and I hobbled home cross-eyed.

This year's school set-up is ass. The bus does not stop nearby our apartment as the District Whatever believes it is close enough to walk. I'll be DAMNED if my tiny little girl is gonna walk an HOUR to school. She's no bigger than a dragonfly. I can't even DEAL with the idea of strangers even LOOKING at her. So I must leave work to retrieve her, and drive her the two miles back home, possibly missing work meetings, possibly jeopardizing my job.

On some days I find it extremely difficult to sympathize with the problems of most anyone I know. Like I get socially defunct. Yr dad bought you the Jetta and not the Benz? I'n so SO soddee. Your pain must be crippling. You lost or dropped a high-tech fuckton gig device of some sort at a rockinass party? How outrageously DIRE. What a cruel life it has been 4u. A tear I shed. You might have to move into an apartment with no gym, business center, or golf course? What the motherfuck? I mean, really, eat your own balls.
I am over here supporting two kids by myself off 20 goddamn dollars til my next paycheck. I am eating sandwiches off of shoebox lids, counting nickels for a Sprite, and wiping my bottom with Wendy's napkins. Macgyver what?
I'm sure some Sudanese mother is reading my blog thinking what a spoiled cunt I am, with my crooked balcony and mix-matched dishes and TWO VCRs.

It is truly a challenge some days, but I am trying to 'get' that one person's pain is just as real as the next person's. The fact that I am tired of ramen and Paris is tired of caviar and toucan piss or whatever, doesn't make a difference, Paris is my SISTER. Leave her alone, I'm serious.

OK just had to let that go. Pure joy from here on out.


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