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"It was futile to attack with reason the stout wall of irrational feelings that, as is known, is the stuff of which the female soul is made." - Milan "Not Getting Laid" Kundera, from Laughable Loves.
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"What is the state in a time of domestic or foreign crisis? What is the state when the chips are down? The answer is obvious & clear! Oh yes! If a few men quit work, the police move in. If the borders are threatened, the army rolls out. Public force is the life & soul of every state: not merely army & police but prisons, judges, tax collectors, every conceivable trick of coercive repression. The state is an organization of violence, a monopoly in what it is pleased to call legitimate violence. Revolution, my dear prince, is not the substitution of immoral for moral, or of illegitimate for legitimate violence; it is simply the pitting of power against power, where the issue is freedom for the winners & enslavement of the rest."
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16. Isn't it kind of funny how at some jobs your paycheck entails occasionally being spoken to in such a manner that on the skreet would get a bitch choked? Hell no it's not funny, choadhair.

17. I am getting to know myself, & I ain't half bad.

18. Movies to See Before I Die (Rev5) )

Suggestions welcome. I want to have a quaint gathering for Scary Movie Night sometime soon @ my place, so I'd like to hear about the scariest movies you've seen.

19. I might not should've told the CFO that I wanted to melt the five year pin I received from my last job into a gold tooth with an emerald in the center. & when he began to look concerned & backed away slightly I probably should not have added that I'd like a blue tear tattoo under my left eye to compliment my grill-bling.

20. & tell the truth )

21. "He sang of Hrothgar, hoarfrost white, magnificent of mind. When he finished the hall was quiet as a mound. I too was silent, my ear pressed to the timbers. Even to me, incredibly, he had made it all seem true & very fine. Now a little, now more, a great roar began, an exhalation of breath that swelled to a rumble of voices & then to howling and clapping and stomping of men gone mad on art." - from Grendel by John Gardener.
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7. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain....

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
- Khalil Gibran

(I think I am in love. Though bullshit, it's still gratifying to read not only something eloquently written, but also celebratory of & in-turn consoling each Grand Fuck Up, every shitty, impulsively convenient judgment of character, every bruise & scrape especially those of your own making.)

8. but the quote should have ended "and then you die."

exhibit 9; He said "I was raised by women" but in the same way you would say "I was raised by gay nudist wolves."

10. Good morning,
This deviation allows for the socket located at XU15 to be
centered & solder bridges created from lead to pad in order
to meet shipment requirements for lot CL05...The part is an
incorrect size for the pcb footprint.
<--- I say stuff
like this all day at my job. Hottt.

11. i think it's ok that i have some skittles now eugene
i think you've had enough for the day
they're my skittles. it's been an hour, now give them to me
what's the password
you're so high you don't even remember the password
give me the skittles eugene! don't make me knock your cube down like the hulk!
no. you've had enough. i'm giving them to april
great. she's like...the 7th ring of hell

12. i am haughty, greasy & porous )

13. all hail hot lifeguards, buckets o' gummy bears, & Kate Beckinsale jumping over rocks like a black metallic gazelle with a gun.


15. I'd be curious to know what percentage of songs are secret things writers weren't brave enough to say forthright to those they sing of.
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“From now on, Kavita is your sister,” she said, and clasped their
hands together, “If we can’t live in harmony in this building, what
hope is there for the nation?”
“Sister,” Salim said, with an expression so angelic that Kavita knew
at once he was mocking her. She was going to pull her hand away
but stopped --- there was some, chemical reaction that had started
between them. Electrons were blown off their orbits, atoms
and molecules rearranged, heat was generated, and she was
afraid to interrupt. She stood there and felt the blood surge
in her fingertips. She looked into his eyes and saw a hint of green
mixed in slyly with the brown, she noted the whiteness of his teeth
and the fairness of his skin. She would not be his sister.

Mrs. Asrani’s benevolence evaporated quite rapidly. “What all you
keep doing to encourage this Salim character, I don’t know --- day
after day he buzzes around like a flying cockroach.”

“But he’s my brother. You said so yourself….you said we all
have to live in harmony.”

“Yes yes. Everyone in the building has seen your harmony.”

-- Manil Suri "The Death of Vishnu"

1. That feels so 100 Years of Solitude
2. I would love the Sea & Cake if the lead singer didn't sing exactly like an old crush I had back home who's now a heroine addict.
3. Santo & Johnny are good to plan on living in Hawaii to.


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