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This weekend I fueled up on enough coffee to clean my room, my walk in closet, & get some laundry done

had my "daily recommendation" of water which is probably why I've been in the bathroom twice as much

culled a 4th installment of found kid art

Elise has a concrete collection. She calls it her Concrete Collection.
It changes shapes, characters, & formations.
Today it is a monument to a googly-eyed bear, bedecked in hotglue n' seashells.
Our Reluctant Hero

Yesterday marked the 4th time I've been rudely hit on by a teenage boy. It wasn't the worst instance but this one took his pants off in front of the laundromat as I approached! (wuuthufuuuuck?) He had on boxers beneath & his friend chuckles "Damn dood, what are you going swimming?" to which the boy replies, gesturing toward me as I pass "Only if she comes with me." I look down & shake my head all shame-shame. So later, on my way back he waits on the sidewalk, blocking my path to ask "You gonna come swimmin' with me?" to which I give an abrupt No. "Why not?!" "Because it's raining, you're crazy & plenty of other reasons." His boys jeered him. Imagine the headline; 30yr Old Woman Beats Hell Out of 14yr Old Boy. They get braver in groups, you know, enough to be unnerving. Ain't nothin' fun. Hmmthat reminds me to have a talk with my son later.

found a poem;
World of Hurt
brang me-da broom
i'm fin-uh woop me
some ass
i know ain't nobody did dis shit but dem.
lookadis mess. i'm-oh teh day ass up fah sho.
where my mop at?

had a laughing fit over my sister's necklace this, atrocious gift from a lady she babysits for; dig if you will a single domino strung along a green ribbon with an orange multifaceted bead dangling from the domino! It was the most terrifically ugly thing I'd seen in a long time, so I took a moment to recall the first ten horrible gifts that come to mind;
a shiny patent leather color block style purse
dangling monopoly board earrings
a garth brooks cassette
clowns ever of any kind
red sweater with glitter puff-paint poinsettias
tiny crystal hand holding a tiny crystal vase
a big fake gold platter w/ 5 stinky beige candles
hand made hotglued ribbon hair barrettes
cookie jar that said something when i open it (but not for long)
big stuffed velvet smiling flower

Dear Prince, I love you. Please don't molest no kids.

Mini Me

Apr. 8th, 2006 01:15 pm
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At the Thrift Store

Son; Mama, that little kid just showed me the bad finger.
Well don't look at him. He pushed me in the hip earlier, & he's throwing things so, just steer clear of him.
(One woman deliberately rams her cart into another woman's)
It's getting wild in here.
Son; Mama, he did it again!
(Child begins crying in the back. Two mothers yell. People begin gnashing carts. Daughter is pinned between three girls who won't move, & is calling out to me. Clamor rises.)
*plucking up Daughter* Let's get out of here. come on.
(Outside thrift store.)
That was crazy!
Son; Yeah! And all the mothers were ugly too. They had yellow & brown teeth & with one big giant one sticking out.
*laughing* I didn't see that.
(Car full of idiots honking. Whistling in the parking lot.)
That's so rude.
Daughter; That's not rude. I know what that means! It means a woman is pretty.
Son; But Mama is a Lady.
That's right, baby.
Daughter; Hey when I close my eyes & press my thumbs into them I can see cool art.
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Back in October in my old journal I began a photograph collection of the weird little mixed media exhibits the kids put together that I chance upon around the house; battle reinactments, mythological sagas, are the older ones from last year )

& for our next installment;

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Stick Figure Homicide.

I wish I'd had a digital camera earlier...Anyway, yr prolly all sick of seeing & reading about kids, so it's tits & ass from here on out.


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