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Oct. 4th, 2006 07:17 pm
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Today I was reading Time Magazine for kids & it was the world's oldest man's birthday! He's 113!
Woooow. What did he look like?
Well. He had a ton of wrinkles, & his eyes were looking in two different directions & he was drooling pretty bad.
& he had a 89 year old girlfriend.
Well he's just robbing the cradle isn't he?!
Oh nothing. Gosh, 113 years old! He's beyond senior citizen by now. He should get everything for free.
They should call him Mega Ultra Citizen.
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Drunkenly made the resolution to never go to Wal-Mart or Mcdonald's again, seein' as pinot noir makes me think I have superhuman powers.
Most of the weekend was with little sis, a more cautious, modest, tree-hugging version of me. She gave me a pair of soft flip-flops that feel like walking on hamburgers & we went to the craft store where I just about jizzed on myself over paint-brushes. I sculpted a plesiosaur last night. It is a girl.

I think I want her eyes closed & long blue eyelashes & speckles on her back.
Much this weekend I have been waiting for something to dry or trying to hurry
before something dries.

Over Sunday breakfast;
You have to get along with eachother. I love you both a really big lot & you need to show that love to eachother. We are all we have. We have to stick up for eachother. I would be lost without you. You would be lost without your sister.
You would be richer without us & your house would be cleaner.
That's crazy! I would be lonely & I would wish someone needed me. & I would be cold without hugs, hugless.
You would not have anyone to rub your back whose hands are soft as mine.
This is very true. Soooo, I guess I'll keep you.

In the last month I've been courteously informed by three different people that they pray for me, an fyi, much like here, you dropped your wallet or hey your lights are still on. And I feel obliged to thank them for my good fortune, thus giving some sort of demi-god status, or bad because I haven't really been praying for them & therefore should offer to pray them back later, or slightly insulted because somehow I look like I could use a few prayers.

This song hurts a little, but needfully & you know me I just keep on. It is so and-with-a-kiss-I-die.
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I forgot how humid it was out here. The frog & cricket choir.
On the news they are asking for fan donations for senior citizens.
Yes, for 12.99 you can keep an old lady from fallin' out.
They won't take used ones. I called & asked.
Right, there's only two blades & a little dust.
But you kin feel it if you stand real close.
Yeah & if you hold this wire still & tape the edge down to stop the tickin' sound.
& click your heels twice & say bahonkus.
& run this fan belt to this hamster wheel.
This hamster is the best of my workers.
*mad uncontrollable cackling*
You know. You could run your house on hamster power...have a room of about 30 wheels. You could whip them.
With tiny hamster whips!
*senseless wheezing*
Mama, it's because of you people say I'm weird.
Awh, I'm sorry. Watch! Can you do a hand stand?!


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