Mar. 6th, 2010

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zhostovo inspired
close to being finished w this, a repro of a previous mini painting
I did for Mrs. McKibbens, inspired by Zhostovo technique -
a Russian form of folk art. I am getting nice and obsessed
with painting resourceful birds.
The phrase "semantic satiation" was coined by Leon Jakobovits James in his doctoral dissertation at McGill University, Montreal, Canada awarded in 1962.

After the word 'wound' (wow'nd, woo'nd) warped in my mouth I searched for the term for when a word is repeated over and over until it becomes strange, foreign. Semantic satiation.

"Reactive inhibition" occurs as a result of repetition, with phrases, words, experiences and actions. "Reactive inhibition" occurs as a result of repetition, with phrases, words, experiences and actions. Good morning. How are you? I love you. Have a nice day.
Over long periods of time, traditions become meaningless habits. Millions of candles get shoved casually into cakes. We obliviously slide rings onto forth fingers in gestures devised centuries before our arrival. Recite cliches wisely, having never received a gift horse, nor lead one to water. But I guess we have to desensitize somewhat, for trajectory's sake, else we might starve to death spending all day playing with flashlights and hula hoops.

Another application has been to reduce speech anxiety by stutterers by creating semantic satiation through repetition, thus reducing the intensity of negative emotions triggered during speech.

I was unable find the term for when something meaningless through repetition becomes meaningful, or the term for when something changes meaning after a formidable experience, like the smile in a photograph of the loyal who later betrays, or the term for when something means little and is meaningful for being so meaningless.

Or the term for matching rhythm with tasks, not simply dancing, because the movement has purpose, but cleaning in rhythm to music, wiping the counter in rhythm, riding over speed bumps in time to Another One Bites the Dust.

Or the term for not worst case or best case, but kind of upper-middle case, like
I have a lump on the bone below my left index finger, my berating finger. I have a backup index finger, but it's not as astute as the left one because it was broken once in a bike fight and is shorter and not as accusatory. I have already imagined being diagnosed with hand cancer, and getting the entire half of my left hand amputated, replacing it with a sexy hook, learning to paint w my right hand, and becoming the feel-good hit of the summer. There was a scene where a football team carried me o'er their heads while the crowd roared but I cut that one, as it was illogical. This is my life.


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