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As some may know, years ago around 2003, I began a list of Movies to See Before I Die, because when I would go to rent movies my mind would blank out, and I would forget all the important ones I'd been recommended and meaning to catch up to watch, and end up going home with Hitch or some shit.

Since I started the list has only grown with suggestions and by new curiosities.
Around this time each year I groom it;

~All About My Mother (foreign drama) ***** hard to watch, but worth it. cry cry cry
~Airwolf - wut? i can't remember who suggested it but i'm not watching this shit.
~Apocalypse Now (war drama)***** everyone is very sweaty & intense in this movie & needs a moist towlette.
~Being There (comedy) ** they did a remake of this called Forrest Gump
~Blues Brothers (comedy)**** the scene with John getting the holy spirit is a sight to behold.
~Boxing Helena (drama) * crappy softcore porn, could not finish
~Cabaret (drama) **** see it. pretty stuff everywhere. 4 Liza's makeup alone!
~Casablanca (war drama)*** notable; Ingrid you hooker
~City of Lost Children (fairy tale) ***** YES. All Time Favorite! a magnificent cast & fresh fable.
~Corpse Bride **** charming. story of mah life.
~Days of Wine and Roses (drug addiction drama) *** sad times. oh the greenhouse scene, nooooo!
~Delicatessen (comedy/drama) **** charming, as Jean Pierre Jeunet's work always is.
~The Deer Hunter (war drama) **** Who knew Walken was once so endearing, innocent & broken.
~Disco Pigs (drama)*** Cillian makes bad decisions here. weirdness. creepiness.
~Elizabeth (historical/biographical drama)**** right up my skivvy clad castle lovin' alley
~Four Rooms (comedy) *** Tim Roth was too twitchy. irritated me.
~Freaks (?)
~Gladiator (historical drama) ** like billiards, but with heads.
~Godfather (mafia drama) **** "This is the last time you will be allowed to ask about my personal affairs"...oooooodissss
~Gone With the Goddamned Wind (I really don't care to see this, but feel like I have to. societal preshar!)
~Hair (musical) *** this is definitely an interesting movie to see now for how it addressed war, sexism & racism.
~Happiness (drama? oh, wait black comedy)** gave me the creeps.
i just don't have the humor for it.
~Harold and Maude (?) ** I thought it was pretty gross. sorry.
~A Hatful of Rain (drug addiction drama) can’t find! :( ((((((((((((
~Hedwig & the Angry Inch (musical) **** love it like Rocky Horror. esp when he has a fit over the bra in the dryer all Joan Crawford n shit
~I Shot Andy Warhol (biographical drama) **** grl crush on Lili Taylor frm Dogfight. her rusty voice is perfection.
~It’s a Wonderful Life (drama) *** see Mr. Potter 4 classic villainry.
~Jacob's Ladder *** will never see Tim Robbins the same way again. huge tense bummer of a film.
~Kung-Fu Hustle (action/comedy kind of) **** YES
~Lady Sings the Blues (biographical drama)**** Dianna Ross & Richard Pryor were superb.
~The Last Temptation of Christ (religious drama)* psssht
~Noises Off (comedy) **** amazing physical comedy, line memorization, team work, awesome casting
~One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (drama) ***** LOVED Nicholson here more than ever. So triumphant in some places & lead me to research.
~On the Town (classic) *** see it. 4 Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra's tight sailor panted asses.
~Panic in Needle Park (drug addiction drama- Al Pacino) *** bad recording may not've done it justice.
~Philadelphia (drama) **** back when cell-phones were bigger than bananas
~Raising Arizona (comedy) ***** everyone was perfect in this movie. genius casting.
~Reuben and Ed (comedy) I cannot find this GD movie! pirated - FUNNY, but i am fascinated by Crispin Glover. WHY J-LO MOVIES ON DVD/NOT THIS?
~Rocky (if only to prove I am not a terrorist)*** not bad, though I can only see Stalone punching the keyboard w his fists as he writes the screenplay.
~Rosemary's Baby (drama) **** this is TOTALLY a comedy. someone lied to me.
~Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (comedy) **** interesting! Don't drink wine while watching this or you'll have to keep rewinding.
~Serpent and the Rainbow (horror) **** saw it alone. Screamed a little, maybe. Voodoo references too close to the bone for this Creole grl.
~The Sting ***** see it. young Paul Newman. period.
~Surviving Picasso (biographical drama) can't find
~Sunset Blvd. (showbiz drama)**** chilling, almost hilarious but kind of really not
~Times Square (drama) *** very Legend of Billy Jean. Good punk soundtrack
~Valley Girl (comedy) * what was i thinking?
~Valley of the Dolls (showbiz drama) **** Sharon Tate & awesome Patty Duke 1-liners.
~Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (drama) **** Bette Davis is a dream haunting genius. WHERE are female actors like her nowadays.
~Wild @ Heart (drama, black comedy) OMG Crispin! ***** I can't believe I missed this movie all my life.
~Winter Passing (drama) ** could not finish. too much staring. too many long pauses. the grl was pretty.
~Withnail & I (comedy) *** over-hyped. though now I know where the line "Even a stopped clock keeps the right time twice a day" comes from.

In Addition:
~Adam's Rib
~After life (Japanese movie)
~Alice (Czech)
~Alien *** SHIVER.
~All About Eve drama **** i love you Bette
~American Astronaut
~The Birdcage
~Blazing Saddles (this BETTER be funny so help me GOD)
~Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid **** young Paul Newman. I was born too late. This is why I am alone today. He was supposed to be my husband.
~Bull Durham * could not watch past first 20 minutes. Susan Sarandon's gonna teach T Robbins sex-ed? Not on my time.
~Capote ** i don't know, i really like PS Hoffman. i think he's daring. his character had me conflicted, but that may've been the intention
~Children of Heaven **** yaaaah. this movie KILLED me in the heart. and then my boyfriend called and i cried all up in his face about it.
~City Lights
~Citizen Kane (drama) **** Orsen Welles' voice is awesome and bellowy like my grandather's
~Cleo from 5 to 7
~Colors * gather round everyone, two heroic white cops are gonna try bring some justice to the ghetto.
~Conan the Barbarian (whatever) can't remember who suggested
~Dr. Strangelove (satire) **** it was ok. I didn't bust a nut r anything. i want a war room.
~The Diving Bell & the Butterfly could not finish. boring and obvious. man overcomes obstacle of one working eyeball. YAWN.
~The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
~Eat Drink, Man Woman (Korean)
~The Elementary School (Czech)
~Everything is Illuminated (READ BOOK FIRST)
~The Fall
~Fatal Attraction ** why in the FACK is any woman attracted to Kirk Douglas? he looks like ASS.
~Finding Forrester
~Flight of Dragons
~Godfather II
~Groundhog Day - who suggested this?! i can't believe Bill "rubber lips" Murray is on my n-flix
~The Graduate (drama/comedy at the end) *** the end was HILARE
~the Great Debaters
~Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (drama) **** interesting for its time. Sidney Poitier is a fine assed man.
~Home for the Holidays
~Hud *** not my favorite of Newman's but educational to me about cattle farming.
~Hudsucker Proxy ** saw Jacob's Ladder right before this, and so was still kind of scared of T. Robbins, waiting for people to go all spastic and turn into demons. cute/charming movie, but not important to me.
~In the Mood for Love
~Jump Tomorrow
~Little Otik
~Loners (Czech)
~Maltese Falcon
~Micky & Nicky (But see Wings of Desire first, for maximum Falk-heartbreak) shit, i still haven't seen Wings of Desire. this was moving tho. i got kind of irritated in places where it dragged on.
~My Life Without Me
~My Neighbor Totoro (animation) ** could not watch. Hated the voices. the kids liked it tho.
~Nightwatch (Russian)
~The Orphanage (Spanish movie) *** for some reason ghosts do not affect me. What Lies Beneath was the only ghost movie i was really impressed w. and i hate Harrison Ford, so go figure.
~The Others
~Philadelphia Story (drama)
~Pan's Labyrinth ** meh. I prefer City of Lost Children. somany things annoyed me about this movie. the violence, the sped up ending, the wartime fallback, and the girl was not too bright in some situations
~Picnic at Hanging Rock
~Pink Floyd's the Wall *** could not finish. alone in home. gas chamber scene too scary.
~Plague Dogs
~The Red Violin
~Return of the Idiot (Czech)
~Ring of Bright Water
~Road to Morocco
~Rock n Roll High School
~Seven Year Itch
~Sofie's Choice
~Some Like it Hot **** this was the 1st MM movie i've ever seen, and damn, she is enchanting. her curves are much more scandalous in motion.
~Something Wicked This Way Comes
~Still Walking
~Stir Crazy
~Story of the Weeping Camel
~The Stunt Man
~The Sweet Hereafter
~This is Spinal Tap
~Treasure of Sierra Madre
~Waiting for Guffman (comedy?)
~Welcome to the Dollhouse
~the White Diamond
~Wings of Desire

Feel free to add on or discuss or build upon your own list. I try to rate what I see and give a quick twittery review. Some things I hate that everyone loves. Some things have no desire to ever see (Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Beverly Hills Chihuahua). But I always welcome suggestions.
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